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Below you will find several articles on modular elevators and elevators in general. We hope you find them interesting, informative and often times humorous. If you have any questions about the subject matter please contact us at your convenience. If you want a full listing of all of our articles on modular elevators please visit our blog Easy Up. We welcome any an all comments.


Quality of a Factory, Versatility for the Designer

Articles On Modular Elevators regarding manufacturing like used on a Model T.The assembly line revolutionized the way almost every business has made products since Henry Ford rolled his first Model –T’s out of the factory doors in Detroit, Michigan. The revolution increased quality, speed and lowered prices simultaneously. Exact tolerances could be obtained in the factory environment that were not obtainable before large line production became common place.  Due to the ever increasing efficiency of the assembly line, speed of production also increased. The first Model-T’s took over twelve hours to build. By 1927 the total production time was less than 30 seconds.

What is unique about the assembly line is that it allowed for faster production while increasing quality and driving prices lower. This means that prices for the product diminish as better products are produced. We have seen this not only in the automobile industry but in almost every type of mass production. Read more about manufacturing quality elevators here! 



Old Ways – Breaking Dated Thinking

Articles On Modular Elevators comparing thinking outside the box and the old stick built elevators. A lecturer once told a familiar story about a young newlywed that was preparing a roast for her husband. It is a good lesson about breaking old ways of thinking so I will retell it here.

The husband was watching his new wife as she prepared a roast for their first meal together. Before she put the roast in the pan she cut off the end. This made him curious so he asked, “Why did you cut the end off?” She replied, “I’m not sure it’s the way my mom always did it.” Now she was the one that was curious and called her mom and asked her why she always cut the end off the roast before cooking it. Her mom said she didn’t know why either, but it was the way her mom always cooked roast. Not satisfied and undeterred, the newlywed called her grandmother and asked her the same question, “Why cut the end off the roast?”   Her grandmother simply replied, “I never had a pan large enough for the whole roast so I always cut a bit off so it would fit.”

Every day we take action, consciously and unconsciously, making decisions that impact our business and those we work with. But how often do we truly consider why we take the actions we take. There is some justification for not overthinking everything we do. Some habits are healthy and even save our lives, like brushing our teeth and signaling before we change lanes. But when it comes to the day to day business actions we take when do we consider “Why do it this way?” Read the rest of the article here. 


Ship in a Bottle

Ship in a Bottle is an Articles On Modular Elevators that shows the better way of producing a modular elevator versus a stick built unit. I had a great uncle on my father’s side of the family that lived on big farm in relative seclusion. I would go for a visit with family occasionally and the one thing that I remember most about those visits was that he had a ship in a bottle. For the average ten year old before the advent of video games and tablets, it was pretty exciting to see. One evening I was sitting near the fireplace staring at the model stuck behind the green glass. I must have been concentrating pretty hard because my uncle came over and asked what was so interesting.

As a child I only had one question. “How did they get the ship in the bottle?”   He went on to explain that the creator slowly crafted the model, folded down the masts and sails and then poked it all into the hole at the end of the neck. The person that made the model would then painstakingly take hours to erect the masts and trim the sails, and get the clay ocean waters looking just right.

A couple of things immediately popped into my fertile ten year old mind. Find out what this has to do with elevators here!


Time – The Most Precious Commodity
Russ Ward Marketing Manager Phoenix Modular Elevator Time of installation means more revenue.

Russ Ward – Marketing Manager

By Russ Ward – Being raised in the the 1960’s and 70s, my friends and I actually lived scenes from movies like Stand By Me and The Sandlot, as well as television shows such as The Wonder Years.  We were close-knit compadres, and many life lessons sprung from the hijinx and innocence of suburban neighborhood living in small town America. Even today when the “gang” gets together to reminisce about days past, there are still nuggets of knowledge that we glean from the stories we tell. For instance, while speaking with a childhood friend recently, I learned an important lesson about time and how precious it is.

That friend was Abe, one of the brightest, most introspective men I know. However, this wasn’t always the case. He, as was the whole gang, was a victim of poor teenage driving habits, often confusing the left pedal with the right. We were all novices behind the wheel with a long list of escapades and close calls where the vertical foot pedal (the gas) was employed rather than the horizontal one (the  brake).  Read the rest and find out about time savings and modular elevators.

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