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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have a question that you don’t see here, please contact us.  We will probably add your question and the answer to the FAQ list. We would be happy to talk about modular elevators anytime.


What are the different types of elevators you produce?

We primarily make commercial passenger elevators. They can have any type of drive system: In ground hydraulic, holeless hydraulic, traction, MRL and more. Click the button below for more info on the options available.

Elevator Types

How high can you go?

Our max shipping length is about 50 feet, which translates into 30-ish feet of travel.  If your building has more travel, we stack additional towers to achieve whatever you need. We have designed elevators as high as 15 stories and could theoretically go higher.

Whose elevator equipment do you use?

We buy from the best non-proprietary suppliers of elevator equipment in the industry.  A list of our standard suppliers is linked below.


Who installs your elevators?

If it is within our local service area, we do.  If it is in another state, we subcontract the work to a locally-licensed Elevator Contractor.  They know the local requirements, the process, and the inspectors, and they take care of all permits and inspections of the elevator equipment.

Who maintains your elevators?

Anyone can, because we use non-proprietary equipment from the preferred vendors in the industry.  The installer will be happy to maintain yours for you (we recommend a full maintenance contract), or you can bid it out.   Even the big guys like Otis and Kone will jump at the chance to maintain our equipment.

How much does a modular elevator cost?

It depends on a few factors.  If you know the car size, number of stops, travel distance and the location of the project, we can give you a budget number in five minutes on the phone. You can also click the link below, provide us with the requested information and get a same-day estimate.

Quick Quote

How long have you been making modular elevators?

Over 20 years, since they were invented and patented in 1995.  Our installed base includes hundreds of elevators in 31 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  If you would like to ride in one for yourself, contact us and we’ll find some near you that you can visit.

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These are so cool! Why isn't everybody using them?

We have no idea.  Maybe they’re afraid of change?  Or maybe they just don’t know they exist.  You can help solve that problem by filling out the form below and sending it to someone that you think would like to know more about us.

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How is modular different than stick built?

This FAQ is important as it explains why modular. First, here’s how they’re the same:  same equipment, same rigorous code-compliance.  You can’t tell the difference when riding in the car, and they pass all the same inspections.

The difference is in the assembly method.  We literally turn elevator construction on its side, and install everything horizontally in our factory. We then load it on a truck and send it to the job site totally ready to install. It is craned into place, power is connected, adjusted are made and voila, you have a working commercial quality elevator. For more info on the process click the link below.

The Process

Can you adjust the openings (hatch entrances) on site?

A difference of ½” or less in either direction is easily bridged by sloping the flooring. More than that takes more work. We weld the entrances in place, to the precise dimensions you provide. The frame can usually be moved up 2” or so by removing the frame, re-attaching it, and repairing the drywall around it, a day or so of field work. More than that, or a need to lower it, entails cutting and moving beams.

Can you make a glass elevator?

The FAQ is, "Can you make a glass elevator?" The answer is, Yes!"

Yes is the short answer to the FAQ.   In the manufacturing process we leave the hoistway and car structure open, paint it and you install the glass on site.  Keep in mind that glass is not a fire-rated material so glass elevators are not fire-rated. As a result they are only allowed in buildings where they do not penetrate a fire-rated floor, such as atriums, mezzanines, or outdoor walkways.

This is why you see glass elevators in places like open shopping malls and Embassy Suites with its open central courtyard.

Here you can see one we recently installed.

Glass Elevator

You got me, I need one of these. Where do I start?

This is where you will be even more amazed. All you have to do is click the button below and you will be provided a free quick quote within a day. If you want a formal quote, it also takes just a day in most circumstances.

Free Quick Quote

Where can I find definitions to common elevator terms?

Here is a link to a page that has a listing of commonly uses elevator terms and parts.

Elevator Terms


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