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Retro Fit Testimonial

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A middle school needed to comply with ADA rules and find a way to get a commercial quality elevator installed before the school year started. They found Phoenix Modular Elevator and their problems were solved.

What our Customers Say

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This is a testimonial from Clarence Bergen at Urban Life, a pool and spa company that was struggling with finding a helpful elevator company that could create a glass elevator for his business.

Bird’s-Eye View of the Install

How can you install two elevators in one day? This fun video answers that question. These had two in ground jacks installed then the two hoistways were put into place. After that the elevators were plumbed and ready for power to be turned on. When power to the building was turned on it will take less than a week to finish the installation.

Easy Installation, Set-up and Start up

The video above is a great overview of how easy it is to set-up and start-up a Phoenix Modular Elevator. Keep in mind it is just like any other elevator once it is set in place and Phoneix Modular Elevator’s start up team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Retrofit – No Problem

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Retrofit is no problem with modular! You can place the elevator on the exterior of any building or even lowered into the center of a building. Either way it is the fastest way to add an elevator to any existing building.

Faster, Safer, Smarter – Cab Installation

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Elevators cabs should take hours to install not weeks. The old-fashioned way to build a cab is actually once piece at a time inside a cramped hoistway. Crazy! See the better way.

We Make Elevators Easy

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In this video, Clarence Bergen of Urban Life talks about how easy the installation was. He feels that “We make elevators easy!” is more than a slogan.

2 Elevators – 1 Day

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Only modular can provide a system that will allow for two elevators to be installed, wired and plumbed in one day. See the highlights in this video. For overall lead time and speed of installation you should call Phoenix Modular Elevator.

Modular Elevators – Simply Better

Modular elevators are the best option for any low or mid-rise application. You owe it to yourself and the building owners to contact us today about pricing.

If you have a project in mind between two and fifteen stories, and want to see for yourself the quality and customer service that Phoenix Modular Elevator provides, click the link below for a quick quote. The same day we will provide a useful and accurate estimate.

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