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Sometimes things don’t go the way you plan them. We had a rush job for two of our high-quality commercial elevators and did our best to finish the entire project in less than eight weeks, per our typical hydraulic timeline. We succeeded, everything was ready to go on time, and then we got the phone call. The job we worked so hard on had hit significant financial struggles that had nothing to do with us and the project was canceled. To top it off, only part of the payment had cleared. We were just a bit disappointed.

Once the dust settled, we were granted complete ownership of two elevators, thus our foray into deeply discounted elevators has begun. Simply put, we want to move these along and clear up factory space so, if you meet the right criteria, you can have a high-quality commercial elevator for significantly less than what they usually cost.


These are not used elevators! They are brand new, ready to be shipped and are complete in every way, containing the car, all the wiring, the rails, hall calls, etc. They are what we call an SF and SLF models with a one-hour fire rating and have the capability to be duplexed should you need them both. Click here for drawings.

They are both two stops with approximately 12 feet of travel. However, as they are still in the factory, the travel can be adjusted slightly. Both have a wheat colored laminate interior called Solar Oak from Wilsonart and silver handrails on the side and rear walls. They come with twin-holeless hydraulic jacks already installed and are completely ADA and 2013 elevator code compliant.

The elevators were completed projects that were never installed and have been released from a property settlement that had nothing to do with the elevators in question. So if this matches a need you have, contact us as soon as possible.

What is a Modular Elevator?

For those of you not completely familiar with modular elevators, it may be a good idea to check out the link below and do some research. Basically, a modular elevator is a hoistway with all of the elevator components already installed inside. They are trucked to the work-site, craned into place and completely installed in less than a week. Modular elevators are the fastest, smartest and safest way to install an elevator in any retrofit, modular or new building project.

So if you have a project coming up or have always thought that an elevator would increase your property value or rent from a second story space and the total travel is around 12 feet, send us an email. But act soon; they will be first come, first serve.

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