The Legend of the Phoenix

An Elevator Manufacturer

Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME) is an elevator manufacturer that gets its name from the legendary Phoenix of Greek mythology, a bird that is regenerated from the ashes of its predecessor. We took this name because the founders of the company realized that the elevator industry needed a regeneration.  The modular elevator leaves stick-built in the dust with short lead times, safer processes, and  manufacturing precision. Not only that but the manufacturing process improves quality.

Elevator manufacturer, Phoenix Modular Elevator produces high quality elevators for low and mid rise applications.

We are the largest producer of quality, commercial modular elevators in the world, with a 20-year track record, and have installed elevators throughout the United States and Canada.

Since its founding, Phoenix Modular Elevator strives to live up to the name, constantly improving its products, refining its processes and remaking the elevator industry.



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