Our standard exterior is CertainTeed GlasRoc® or US Gypsum Securock ®, which is an exterior sheathing suitable for cladding with any finish. It is water-resistant for up to 1 year.

Walls that face the interior of your building may be mudded and taped like any drywall product.

Our hall station boxes are set out from the exterior sheathing 3/8”. They are adjustable, so if your finish is thicker or thinner than that, Let us know.  The installer can also remove the cover and pull the box in or out to the required depth.

Note: if building opening is tight around the door, the hall calls may be installed in the building wall. This detail needs to be arranged prior to manufacturing.

The hall station on a modular elevator.

Narrow opening, hall station in building wall

Wide entrance with hall station in hoistway wall.

Wide entrance with hall station in hoistway wall.

Roof Finishing

Standard roof is EPDM rubber, which is glued to the roof and tacked around the sides for shipping. White Duro-Last is an option for cooling climates, and is attached similarly. Simply remove the nails, and finish/terminate the roofing as desired over the siding.

Top of Hoistway

Hoistway Top

Finish the Flooring

The cab has a plywood sub-floor suitable for any floor covering. The sill is set ¾” above the subfloor, to allow for ¾” thick flooring. This should help make the elevator installation go quickly and easily.

Extend the flooring over the beam on the hatch door side, all the way to the door. A plywood subfloor can be used to bridge the gap between the hoistway and the building, and flooring installed over top.

An aluminum threshold plate is an option available from Phoenix to bridge the gap.

This is a threshold for a modular elevator from Phoenix Modular Elevator.

As delivered.

This is a finished doorway for a modular elevator manufactured by Phoenix Modular Elevator.

After finishing.

This aluminum plate is a great threshold for the Phoenix Modular Elevator.

Optional tread plate.

Tie In Inside

Tie the hoistway walls into the building walls as desired.  This can be done with standard mud and tape or an expansion joint.




Expansion plates can be used or the hoistway can be tied directly to the building.

Expansion joint.

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