MMR Piping and Wiring

A modular machine room (MMR) has a fully assembled power unit and controller already installed and wired together, making piping and wiring easy. Disconnects are also pre-installed and wired to the controller.  The controller is wired into quick-connect plugs mounted on the bottom of the controller.

The traveling cable and hoistway cable are coiled up near the bottom of the hoistway.  Unwrap both, then feed them through the exit point, through the raceway, to the machine room.

Plug the quick connects on the traveler and hoistway cables onto their mates in the controller.


Elevator manufacturers use all the same components. Phoenix Modular Elevator is no different.
The valve and and wiring are ready to go in a Phoenix Modular Elevator. MMR Piping
The wiring is already completed for the elevator. MMR Piping
The Phoenix plugs are ready to snap in and for the elevator to be running is less than a week. MMR Piping

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