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Modular Early Planning is Best – There is no doubt that modular elevators are the future for almost any building application, from modular buildings to traditional projects and from low to medium rise and beyond. Everyone knows that modular elevators are simply safer, faster, and smarter.

But they are also easier for everyone involved in the process. Designers, architects, builders, and elevator installers are all helped by the overall concept and tremendous flexibility provided with modular.  However, there is one thing you can do in the earliest phases of construction that can make converting to the modular solution even easier:  consider a modular elevator solution as early in the process as possible.

Modular Elevators Anytime

This is not to say that you can’t consider modular at anytime during the project from design to completion. You can certainly decide on modular late in the game and we are more than willing to help.  We have even been asked to provide a modular elevator solution after a building has been completed. The customer simply got tired of waiting for the stick-built elevator company to show up and get the job done. Turns out, in most cases we can design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and install a quality commercial elevator faster than a traditional elevator even if the hoistway has been completed onsite and is just sitting there.

Earlier is Easier

However, we would be fibbing if we didn’t tell you that it is just easier overall if you begin the project with modular in mind. The reason is that one of the biggest differences and benefits of a modular elevator is that it comes with the completed, manufactured hoistway as part of the package. There is no need to plan for CMU walls. The modular elevator walls are not just any walls either. They are manufactured with tough and durable, structurally sound 4X4 inch tube steel and then, if needed, can also include it’s own one hour or two hour fire rating depending on the building codes in the jurisdiction in which they are placed. The structure can also accommodate any hurricane or earthquake zone.

For those of you unfamiliar with modular elevators, we build a hoistway out of steel, fire rate it, and then insert an elevator car along with all of the wiring.  They are then trucked to the job site in one horizontal piece (or multiple pieces depending on total travel distance) and then craned into place into a pre-poured pit, either inside or outside of the building depending on your needs. For a typical hydraulic elevator, it takes just a couple of days to get it up and running and ready for inspection. For traction elevators, the installation can take a couple of weeks (still less time than it takes to even install a stick -built traction unit).

Flexibility is the Standard

We can also deliver a “naked” elevator with no drywall wrapping at all. These are used for glass elevators or ones that come with decorative metal hoistways usually for an atrium or lobby. This flexibility means that modular elevators can be an early part of the design process.

Many buildings have a clear and intentional look and feel. Unfortunately,  the elevator is quite often shoehorned into the concept with little flexibility. A modular elevator is manufactured in a such a way that almost any cab interior or hoistway finish can be utilized. The interior design can reflect any desire and the modular elevator can be a part of that. As any designer can tell you, the earlier that the elevator is included in the plans, the better the chances are of the elevator feeling like a part of the building.

To keep the process simple and to give you the ability to put a modular solution in quickly, we provide drag and drop plans that anyone can have access to and that can be placed directly in your schematics. So, when it comes to choosing the next elevator for an up coming project, think about placing the elevator early, but if you don’t, no worries. We can be integrated into most projects at almost anytime.

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