The Challenge – No Room for the Machine Room

The Challenge

ATK in Kansas City was adding an elevator to the outside of an office building.  It was a basic, two-story building, so a hydraulic elevator was the natural solution.  But the challenge was that it had no room for a machine room in the usual place: adjacent to the elevator, either on the outside of the hoistway or inside the building.  A creative solution was needed. A custom modular machine room was needed.

The Solution – Custom Modular Machine Room

Fortunately the customer did have room above the hoistway, and had access to the roof for maintenance.  The Phoenix design team placed the machine room at the top of the hoistway, something typically only done with traction elevators.  They confirmed with the local AHJ in advance that this would be acceptable, ensuring a smooth inspection with no surprises.

With the machine room at the top of the hoistway, the piping and wiring could be completed 100% in the factory, reducing the normal on-site install time even further.   This solution was perfect for ATK’s challenge.  Contact Phoenix Modular Elevator with your challenge and let us put our creative team to work on a solution for you.

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