The Challenge – An Elevator in Limited Space

The Challenge

When Basis Independent School was being built in Brooklyn, New York, they considered everything from the curriculum to the floor plan.  When it came to the elevator, they needed something durable that could accommodate an ambulance gurney but would minimize the footprint in the seven-story structure where every inch of space was at a premium.  Two hour fire rating and desire for a machine roomless (MRL) traction elevator, which needs additional width for counterweights, added to the complexity and project constraints.

The Solution

Phoenix Modular Elevator worked with the project architect to fit a gurney compliant elevator car into the space allotted.   This necessitated a custom size shaft with minimal clearance on the back wall, cab walls that were bumped out to the very edge of the platform, and 2-speed doors to minimize the width.  We even verified with New York City DOB officials that the orientation of the gurney would be acceptable to avoid any questions or delays during inspection.

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