The Challenge – A Custom Glass Elevator

The Challenge

When Clarence Bergen of Urban Life Pools and Hot Tubs had a vision for a new facility in Steinbach Manitoba, it included a glass elevator. The elevator would be the center of the showroom. To accomplish that dream he began by calling big elevator companies. Unfortunately his experience was bad and consisted of leaving messages and not getting called back. He knew, due to the Canadian winter, he needed the fastest installing elevator, but also a unique look to make his dream a reality. But no one seemed to want to help.

Bergen said, “I was getting nowhere and wasting time. I could tell by their attitude that they didn’t have time for me or my project.” The challenge was speaking to an elevator professional that would help him make his dream a reality.

The Solution

He then called Phoenix Modular Elevator (PME) and with their help he began to start piecing together the project that he had in mind. First, the elevator would be in the center of the building and needed to be self-supporting. Second, it had to be cost effective.

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