The Challenge – Retrofit In Time for School

The Challenge

Murphysboro Middle School is over 100 years old so it was no surprise that the elevator was so out of date that the company that made the conveyance was long out of business and there were no parts available to fix it. It was constantly breaking down and stranding children and the hall monitor.

Not only that, but the school wanted to have a new elevator installed over the summer break. This is despite that a hoistway would have to built it they went with a traditional elevator.

Lastly, cost was a big consideration. Like most schools money is not just thrown to the wind. Time cost and quality were all important aspect so the project, so the called Phoenix Modular Elevator.

The Solution – Crushing All Three Challenges

First, quality was accomplished by providing an elevator with the latest non-proprietary parts. The assembly team and setup crew made sure everything was right from the cab interior to the size of the hoistway and hydraulic system put into place.

Second, the construction time was chopped to days as a Phoenix Modular Elevator is manufactured with a fire-rated hoistway with all the elevator components pre-installed. This ultimately means that the set-up crew was able to place the elevator and start the set-up immediately. Before school started the inspection was completed and it was ready for use.

Lastly, the cost was in this case about half what they had been quoted for an old fashioned, traditional elevator. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the video and see what the superintendent has to say.

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