World of Modular Takeaways


By John Hefner

Once again, I take the reigns of the most exciting, entertaining, and generally informative blog in the world, the Phoenix Modular Elevator blog!! I was excited to attend the World of Modular convention from March 15-18 in fabulous Las Vegas!

I went out to represent our company, but learned a wealth of information about how modular is changing the industry. Did you know that modular is solving housing problems caused by expanding populations, natural disasters, or timeline crunches? Through a series of breakout sessions, we learned how people around the globe are using modular in crazy situations.  Like in Alaska to house most of the population of a town. Or in Korea, where space is at such a premium that it’s hard to build traditionally because it’s so disruptive. My personal favorite was an MRI facility that can be packed up and taken where needed while a facility is updating their MRI equipment.

Big Announcements

Two of the big announcements made at the World of Modular came in the breakout sessions. One is that shipping containers are now going to be a part of the International Building Code, which will make passing inspections easier. The other was that Marriott International announced that they were going to give incentives for their owners of hotels to use modular components so that they can build hotels faster!

But the gem of the show is the awards banquet, where we all don our dress clothes, have a fancy dinner, and look at some of the best the industry has to offer. For a person new to the industry and, I’ll admit, with previous misconceptions that modular means a glorified trailer, I was stunned by some of the buildings on display.  Apartments that any family would be glad to call home; huge, movable complexes where pipeline and factory workers can rest between shifts when they are away from home; doctors offices and storefronts that were put up quickly so that they could start plying their wares and trade.

Exciting Awards!

The most exciting part was when two familiar projects won awards! Congratulations Axis Construction who won Best of Show Permanent Facility over 10,000 sq. ft. with the Vanderbilt Family Health Clinic! It featured two of our elevators.

Also recognized in the Relocatable Modular Education category was Aries Building Systems for their BelovED Community Charter School. P.S. Our elevator and machine room is front and center!

Congratulations to all the winners representing the best of the modular industry and we look forward to working with you all in the future!! I know I’m looking forward to seeing even more of our projects next year!

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