Elevator Cab Interiors

When creating elevator cab interiors with Phoenix Modular Elevator the possibilities are endless. To make it easy we have standard laminates and stainless steel packages available. Also, we are ready to customize your choice to fit any interior design. To get the process started just choose the standard design you like best. Then select the combination of laminates you prefer. If you do not see exactly what you want, contact us for design help.

Standard Laminate Options

Standard Stainless Steel Options

For our elevator cab interiors we use quality WilsonArt laminates and Rigidized stainless steel products and can incorporate any of their options in your cab design. Any stainless steel and laminate combination is possible. To discuss all of the possibilities contact us for design assistance.

The only part of the interior that is not completed in the factory is the flooring. The sub-floor will accommodate any carpet, tile, wood or laminate available.

The cab has an aluminum T-bar drop ceiling. You can select either translucent panels with fluorescent lights or stainless steel panels with LED lights.

If you need help choosing the right elevator interior for your job please contact us here! If you have a project in mind and would like a free quick quote click the button below.

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