Our Team

Our team and values can be summed up with our motto, “We Make Elevators Easy.”  Here are some ways we strive to live up to this motto:

Responsive & Helpful → Live people answer your phone calls, and you will be directly to a friendly team member who can provide expert answers to your questions. Whether you are an experienced elevator contractor, an architect specifying a modular elevator for the first time, or a building owner that has no idea what questions to ask, we will take the time to talk to you. We also respond to emails promptly, give same-day quotes, and turn around submittal drawings in 24 hours on standard designs.

Continuously Improving → Over our 20 years in the modular elevator business, we’ve improved the products and processes continually.  Any problems reported from the field are fed back to our team for solving. Suggestions from installers and GCs are placed into future elevators.  We are constantly looking for ways to do more in the factory and reduce on-site installation time.

Flexible → Some customers want the most economical solution and select our standard offerings.  Others have custom needs.  We can do both, whether fitting an elevator into a constrained space or on the exterior of a building. This flexibility leads to tremendous design opportunities. The interior of the cab can be simple or upgraded. If the architect desires, the building can utilize the modular elevator as a part of the design. The exterior of the building can also be finished in any manner you desire. We are happy to provide any solution that will make your elevator perfect for you.

Committed Team → Some of our team members have been making modular elevators for years, since we invented them.  They own their jobs and are proud of their work.  Read below about why they like to do the work at Phoenix.

Tonya is the best purchase agent in the world of elevators. Hard working and reliable.

“We work together to provide the best customer service we can. We listen to our customers and try our best to be helpful and solution oriented.” Tonya – Purchasing & Logistics

Phoenix and our team members like Arron Nelson manufacture modular elevators for schools. Phoenix is the number one modular elevator manufacturer for schools.

“If I have a suggestion to improve the product or process I am listened to and it is accepted. We are always looking to get better.” Arron – Assembly

Galen is a part of our team at Phoenix that manufactures the hoistway horizontally.

“I get the chance to weld everyday. I like that most, but having pride in our work goes without saying. I’m very proud of our finished product.” Galen – Fabrication Team

Lyle Maynor is important to our team because every cut and every weld has to be exact.

“I like the people and the challenge of getting a quality product out on time and working on custom jobs. We have a great team.” Lyle -Fabrication Team

Russ Ward Marketing Manager Phoenix Modular Elevator Time of installation means more revenue.

“We have a great product that is easy to talk about. That makes my job as easy as installing a modular elevator.” – Russ Ward – Marketing Manager

“I love helping people find just the right elevator. There is a lot of bad info out there and we always give needed advice.” – Lynndi – Sales Manager

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