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We can assist you with any DSA project in California. Nearly 300 of our elevators are installed in California schools, more than any other modular elevator manufacturer. These elevators are an excellent value for both retrofit projects to improve access and new construction of multi-story classroom buildings.

Our design has passed the rigorous criteria required by the Division of the State Architect for California (California DSA) schools, and holds a CBC 2016-compliant Pre-Check approval (PC #02-115680). This PC has two versions, with different height limits depending on the seismic factor and type of jacks. This chart shows the maximum travel distance for both holeless and in-ground jacks:

Maximum Travel Distance
Type Ss up to 2.0 Ss up to 2.7
Holeless Jacks 26' - 6" 19' - 6¾"
In Ground Jacks 33' - 6¾" 19' - 11¾"

To look up your Ss value, visit Seismic Maps and type your locale info. To look up your latitude and longitude, type the street address into the map’s search box.

For travel requirements beyond the above, we will work with you on a site-specific design that will meet DSA standards as well.

Footprints and thus plan views are the same for both seismic versions; the difference is in the steel thickness. Both versions come in 2500 and 3500 lb capacity sizes, and have optional modular machine rooms to match their respective footprints.


If you are designing an elevator project for a California school, here are some resources to guide you through the process:

The Division of the State Architect Interpretations of Regulations (DSA) published Interpretation of Regulations IR 16-1.16: Design and Construction Requirements for Relocatable Buildings and Modular Elevator Towers to define special design, construction, and placement requirements for relocatable buildings and modular elevator towers submitted to DSA under the 2016 California Building Code.

Elevator Cab Size Requirements (California DSA Policy 09-05). This will help you decide whether you can use our smaller ADA compliant model WF/WFR or if you need our larger SLF/SLFR.

In-Plant Testing & Inspection Requirements (IR A-15). This outlines the requirements for the in-plant inspection of your elevator before we ship it to you.

Design Requirements for Elevators (IR 30-1). Our elevators meet all the guidelines for materials and processes outlined in this document. Both our hoistways and cabs are non-combustible.

Structural Welding Inspection (IR 17-3). Our welding procedure is based on AWS standards, and is certified for use in any state, including California. If your Project Inspector wishes to save on travel costs, we can help locate a Special Inspector from our area who is familiar with the DSA inspection process to inspect the welding on your elevator.

You may download the design guide for the car size and seismic zone of your elevator below. This will guide you through selecting the right pages of the PC to submit to California DSA with your project drawings.


Design Guide
Type Ss up to 2.0 Ss up to 2.7
ADA Compliant .dwg
Stretcher Compliant .dwg

Experienced staff members are available to guide you through designing or building with our modular elevators. Contact us at any time.

The 2016 CBC compliant PC has been extended as per California DSA Bulletin 19-02.
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