Our Story

In the early 1990’s, shortly after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed in the U.S., three men from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, dreamed up the idea of an elevator-in-a-box that could be retrofitted to the outside of buildings to help make them accessible. They patented the idea, and started a company called Infinite Access that would manufacture them.

Over the years Infinite Access refined the production process, inventing—out of necessity–ingenious methods for manufacturing elevators horizontally and transporting the expensive machines safely from sea to shining sea.

After nearly 20 years, and installing hundreds of elevators, Infinite Access’s assets were purchased in 2009 by Allison Allgaier, who was energized by the idea of revolutionizing the elevator industry, and the company was rebranded as Phoenix Modular Elevator.

This industry, while cutting-edge from a technical standpoint, operates largely in the dark ages from a business perspective. She is committed to operating in a customer-centric way, and works to ensure that we are responsive, open, and fair in all our dealings. She also likes that the Phoenix, in Chinese lore, in addition to representing rebirth and deep transformation, is the female counterpart to a dragon.

Phoenix Modular Elevator factoryFrom our humble beginnings, making elevators in an old Montgomery Ward store in a mall that has since been torn down, PME now operates out of a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that was built in 2016 and is located on a road that the city of Mt. Vernon was generous enough to name after us.

We have installed elevators in 34 states and four Canadian provinces, and have ambitions to remake the elevator industry. We do this by offering an alternative that shortens lead times, eliminates the hassles and delays common in the elevator trade, and, in short, make elevators easy for everyone!

Here are some ways we strive to live up to our motto:

Our Team

Our team and values can be summed up with our motto, “We Make Elevators Easy.”  Here are some ways we strive to live up to this motto:

Responsive & Helpful → Live people answer your phone calls, and you will be directed to a friendly team member who can provide answers to your questions. Whether you are an experienced elevator contractor, an architect specifying a modular elevator for the first time, or a building owner that has no idea what questions to ask, we will take the time to talk to you. We also respond to emails promptly, give same-day quotes, and turn around submittal drawings in 24 hours on standard designs.

Continuously Improving → We improve the products and processes continually.  Any changes needed observed in the field are fed back to our team. Suggestions from installers and GCs are placed into future elevators.  We are constantly looking for ways to do more in the factory and reduce on-site installation time.

Flexible → Some customers want the most economical solution and select our standard offerings.  Others have custom needs.  We can do both, whether fitting an elevator into a constrained space or on the exterior of a building. This flexibility leads to tremendous design opportunities.

Committed Team → Some of our team members have been making modular elevators for years.  They own their jobs and are proud of their work.

“We make a unique product, and every elevator is different. I like the challenge of custom projects.” –Jeremy, Fabrication Team

“We’re the “dream team” that can install and wire a hoistway in one day.” –Dustin, Joel, & Shane, Electro-Mechanical Team

“I inspect the heck out of every elevator so that our customers get exactly what they pay for.” –Eileen, Quality Engineer

“I make sure the shaft is enclosed so someone can’t fall through it.” –Tony, Enclosure Team

“Without a nice looking, high quality cab, there ain’t no elevator” –David, Cab Team

“I help make installers’ job easy so they love our elevators.” –Matt, Elevator Technician

“My superpower is getting the elevator to the job on time.” –Psyndy, Logistics Coordinator

“I make sure we have the most cost effective elevator for our customers that we can.” –Lindsay

Why Modular Elevator?

Find out the benefits of a modular elevator and you’ll have an option that may just be a better fit for your project.

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