What will COVID-19 do to your modular elevator order?

We are happy to say at this time, absolutely nothing. Obviously things are changing daily, but we are still open for business as usual, elevators are being built, and we are shipping them on schedule. Our sales team is quoting, our engineers are designing, our structural engineering companies are producing calculations, our supply chain (nearly all domestic) is delivering as promised, and our skilled production workers are churning out elevators. We have had no disruptions to our core operations. Most of our office staff are working remotely, but remain fully connected through phone and email.

We are proactively and preventively following Illinois and CDC directives to reduce human contact. We are washing our hands frequently, cleaning common surfaces regularly, and staying 6 feet apart when we talk to each other or hold meetings. We have plenty of toilet paper and soap. Our employees are not traveling except to support elevator installations, and they are following CDC guidelines about hygiene and social distancing. We are all being vigilant.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are all reporting that their business operations continue with the heightened vigilance on health that we all share. Some have reduced capacity, or had temporary closures, and we remain in contact with them and will communicate any impacts of this on your order.

We are hopeful that our collective early isolating will send this bug right on by Interstate 64 and skip Mt. Vernon. We will continue to service our customers as usual unless we are mandated otherwise or the bug makes a pit stop here.

Should anything change locally, with our suppliers or subcontractors, or with regulations and we foresee an impact on your project, we will notify you immediately and arrange contingency plans. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, feel free to contact us

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