The Challenge – A Tall, Self-Supporting Elevator

The Challenge

Pampa High School is in the middle of Texas high school football country.  As a result when they went to complete a new stadium it was Texas-sized to say the least. It was built with a big press box and that required an elevator to shuttle people and equipment up as well as to meet current ADA requirements. To complicate matters further, the bleachers were not designed for an elevator or any load to be tied-into them. This meant that the 58 foot tall elevator hoistway had to be self-supporting. Due to shipping limitations, two towers would be needed. Multi-piece towers are normal fare for PME, but usually at that height they are tied into the building structure for lateral support. As Pampa’s stadium did not have the structure to support this, they needed a self-supporting multi-piece elevator shaft.

The Solution

Phoenix marshalled its engineers to come up with structural modifications that would enable the 2-piece tower to be completely self-supporting.  Their solution involved beefing up some of the structure and using thicker base plates with double anchor points.  This creativity maintained the same footprint and general structural design, so the solution added less than $1000 to the overall project cost.

With multi-piece hoistways at PME, the elevator is manufactured as one piece in the factory, then split into two sections for shipping. Once the elevator was manufactured, the process was easy. First, as this was a hydraulic elevator, the in-ground jack was set into the pit, the elevator was then bolted over top of it. The systems were all tied into the provided modular machine room, the hydraulic oil was added and the elevator opened on time for football season.

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