Here’s Looking at Elevators Kid

When telling others about elevators for a particular project, the general assumption is that the elevator choice is made extremely early in the process by an architect or building owner. Once that decision is made it is inextricably chiseled into a block of granite. There is no erasing the choice or blotting it from the stone regardless of other possibilities. Minds are made up. After all the first thing that usually goes up in a building project is the hoistway and there it sits as a monolith of certitude. It stands as evidence that once a judgement is rendered, the gavel is dropped and it is irreversible.

However, recently in a conversation, that notion was challenged by a purchaser of one of our Phoenix Modular Elevators. The building owner told us plainly and without blinking that changing his mind was not a big deal and saving time, effort and possibly cash, was much more important than revising the plans or ruffling feathers. He shared he had the same opinion regardless of the building product needed or process involved, making changes is a part of every project and until the foundation is poured anything can and often does change.

He should know what he is talking about. He was over sold on the elevator portion of a project with just a couple days before ground was officially broken. The elevator company was insisting on a traction elevator for a three stop application, with less than twenty feet of overall travel. Shocking! At least as shocking as gambling in Casablanca (by the way you are either a movie buff or real old if you got the Casablanca reference, I am both). My favorite scene below!!!

But then he came upon our website and things changed.

The building owner completed a short easy Quick Quote form, at our website and found out the pricing was competitive, but the installation would shave weeks off the total project time. The order was immediately canceled with the other elevator company and I’m sure they were thinking of all the website in all the world he stumbles on to Phoenix Modular Elevator’s. This was quickly followed by a change request to the architect, the elevator was ordered from us, engineering was completed, the unit was manufactured, set up in half a day and the elevator was started up in a week. It then, as promised, went through inspection on time.

Everyone was happy with the process, price and responsiveness of the Phoenix Modular Elevator team and needless to say it was the “beginning of a beautiful relationship!” (another Casablanca quote).

To find your own beautiful relationship regarding elevators, click the link below.

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