We Use Industry Standard Parts

Elevator Part Suppliers include Maxton Valves but also Phoenix Modular Elevator tanks.

The elevator parts suppliers we use are reputable companies that produce elevator components for many manufacturers. They supply us with quality, non-proprietary components that meet high safety standards.

The benefit of non-proprietary components means that any certified elevator maintenance company can service the parts provided by the various elevator part suppliers.  Industry standard means all elevator companies are familiar with the components we use.

We fabricate the wood and steel parts we use in our modular elevators. Below you will find a list of the major components we use and the companies that supply them to us





Elevator Part Suppliers

Power Unit / Controller

Hydraulic Tank – Phoenix Modular Elevator
Hydraulic Control Valve – Maxton
Submersible Pump  – EMI
Submersible Motor – US Electric
Micro-Processor Controller – Elevator Controls Corp., Smartrise


 Car, Sling and Platform

Sling and Platform – Phoenix Modular Elevator
Elevator Cab – Phoenix Modular Elevator
Interior Cab Fixtures – Innovation Industries
Landing Selector System – Elevator Controls, Smartrise
Guide Shoes – Nylube
Interior Laminate – Wilsonart
Interior Stainless Steel – Ridgidized


Doors and Door Equipment

Car Door –  Gunderlin, Swiss-Dane
Hoistway Entrances – Gunderlin, Swiss-Dane
Door Operator – G.A.L.
Door Protective Device – Kone SafeScreen


 Hydraulic Jacks

Twin Jacks – Elevator Equipment Corporation
Telescopic Twin Jacks – ITI Hydraulik
In-Ground Jack – Hydraulic Elevators
Telescopic In-Ground Jack – ITI Hydraulik


 Traction Machine

Machine – Hollister Whitney, Torin
Sheaves, Governor, Safeties – Hollister Whitney


Hoistway Shaft

Structural Hoistway – Phoenix Modular Elevator
Firewall Assembly – CertainTeed, US Gypsum


Misc. Equipment

Limit Switches – Elevator Equipment Company
Overspeed/Rupture Valve – Maxton
Guide Rails – AFD
Buffer Springs – Quality Elevator

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