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Modular Craftsmanship is constantly being demonstrated at Phoenix Modular Elevator.

Modular Craftsmanship – One of the knocks that seems to never go away when discussing modular construction is that a modular building is always cookie cutter, the same boring products cut out of the same boring mold. In some people’s thinking, because there is consistency in manufacturing, quality craftsmanship seems to be elusive or nonexistent.

Nothing could be further from the truth.
As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Let’s start with the fact that if a building is manufactured, not built one block or stick at a time, overall quality is higher and construction is faster. There are no weather delays nor delays due to one trade waiting on another. With modular, a four-story hotel can be ready to open six months after the foundation is poured. A similar stick-built can take a year to 16 months or longer. Efficiency is bumped up and costly mistakes are reduced with modular construction. There is less waste due to planned manufacturing.

The efficiency and quality are increased because templates are used in the process and because the building is done on an assembly line. With all that consistency comes quality. Quality control inspections are completed more often and are done more easily as the building takes place, not after the building is constructed. So speed and quality increase simultaneously in the off-site construction industry.

More time, more funds.

What this can mean is that there are actually more time and more funds to have specialty items that can really separate your building project from others.

Working HandsWe see these benefits especially in the modular elevator business in the cab interiors. If you are dealing with a stick-built elevator from one of the big companies, they act as if you are pulling teeth is you ask for something outside of their preconceived plan. One of our customers made this point when he contacted us for pricing and to discuss his ideas. He told us that he was happy that someone was finally willing to talk with him about the elevator he wanted. He was not given the time of day by the standard elevator companies and they acted as if his ideas were impossible. The price they quoted him made sure it was impossible. We came to the rescue and made his dreams a reality.

Because we manufacture the elevator in our factory, we have the leeway to let clients express themselves through the design. Not only can we make a cab interior look like anything you want, we like doing it. We have skilled craftsmen on staff that can make your elevator look how you want, not just a choice of six laminates and standard interiors. If you are going to need several elevators over time, we will make the templates so future projects can be replicated to your specifications.

Now don’t misunderstand me.

We too can provide standard interior packages at three levels of features. They are all very nice and would fit in any building project; the difference is that we are not moored to just those three options, and we certainly won’t give you a blank stare or overprice something special so we don’t have to do it. It is because all the nuts and bolts of the construction are easily and efficiently manufactured that we have the time and resources to create something truly special and separate you from your competition.

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