Modular Machine Room

The Modular Machine Room (MMR) designs give flexibility and simplify the architect’s design process. The MMRs are the same footprint as hoistway, for flexibility in placement. They can go to the left, right or rear of the hoistway. Also, modular machine room exteriors can be covered in the same material as the hoistway when finished onsite. Please contact us with any questions.

Modular Machine Room
Model Description A
Machine Room
Machine Room
MMR.WX For Elevators WF & WFR 8'3¾" 7'7½" modular machine room pdf dwg
MMR.WX2 For Elevators WF2 & WFR2 8'4½" 7'8¾ pdf dwg
MMR.SLX For Elevators SLF & SLFR 10'1¼ 8'0¼ pdf dwg
MMR.SLX2 For Elevators SLF2 & SLFR2 10'2½¼ 8'1½ pdf dwg
MMR.SX For Elevators SF & SFR 9'3¼ 7'7½ pdf dwg
MMR.SX2 For Elevators SF2 & SFR2 9'4½ 7'8¾ pdf dwg

Our modular machine room designs allow for a faster installation as the plumbing is largely completed with only final connection to be made. Also, modular machine rooms come fully equipped and ready for use after electrical has been hooked up, the tank is filled with hydraulic oil and adjustments have been made. If you have any questions concerning a Phoenix Modular Elevator MMR, please contact us.

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