Real Life Example of Savings Modular Elevators Provide

What is the difference in the two elevators pictured above? $100,000 and 30 weeks. This means savings modular elevators provide. One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Will installing a modular elevator save us money?” The typical–and honest–answer is that it depends on multiple factors. But, we were fortunate to recently encounter a real world example of two comparable projects, one stick-built and one modular, where we know the full build costs on each.  And the results are stunning.

The two jobs are pictured above.  They were both in Southern Illinois, in 2016, about 30 miles apart.  Both were retrofits on the exterior of brick buildings.  Both were 2-story buildings, though the modular had an extra ground-level stop on the rear.

The elevator on the right was stick-built.  It was a bid job, and the total construction cost, including all the site work, hoistway construction, and elevator installation, was $249,998.  The project took 10 months from start to finish.

Savings in Time

The elevator on the left was modular.  It looks shorter than the stick-built elevator on the right, because it accesses the basement, so one of the stops is below ground. The total construction cost was around $150,000.  And because the GC dug the footings and poured the pit while the modular elevator was being manufactured, total project duration was 2 1/2 months.

So is there always a cost savings with Phoenix Modular Elevator? Again hard to say. It depends on many factors that vary by geography. However, we do know that modular always saves time. So, if you are in the market for a high-quality commercial elevator, why not find out if modular will save you money?  In minutes we can give you budget pricing for a high-quality commercial grade elevator to allow you to compare. If you have a project in mind that needs an elevator click the button below for a free quick quote.

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