Two Elevators – One Day

It can be a bit hard to believe, especially if you have been in the construction business. But it is true! You can have two elevators installed in just one day. It includes all the plumbing and electrical work. The reason is because a modular elevator comes with all the elevator components already installed including the cab, sling and platform as well as hall calls and rails.

And these are high quality commercial units. One of the elevators is an ADA compliant model and the other a 5000lb capacity, gurney compliant model with front and back doors.

Once the building is finished the elevator crew will return, fill the hydraulic tank, make sure it hits all the floors properly and gets it ready for inspection, but that usually takes less than three days. If you want to learn more about modular elevators just give us a call or if you have a job already in mind click the link below and send us a some info so you can get a quick quote in a day. 

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