Adjustable Entrances

Adjustable Entrances

Every once in a while, we deliver an elevator and find the floor-to-floor measurements given to us don’t match the actual as-builts on the jobsite.  Small differences in floor heights can typically be bridged by sloping the flooring, but larger differences require messy on-site rework of the structure. Adjustable entrances can be the answer!

Phoenix Modular Elevator is excited to offer adjustable entrances to make your elevator projects easier than ever! Onsite rework is time-consuming and expensive.  However, adjustable entrances can greatly cut back on the time and cost it takes to fix travel height measurement errors. This is yet another way our modular elevator system continues to be a no-brainer for low to mid-rise projects.

The range of adjustability without needing to perform structural surgery is as follows:

Hydraulic Elevators

Traction Elevators

center parting elevator door

So how does this work?

  1. Start by removing the drywall on either side of the entrance to the first light gauge stud.
  2. Then, loosen the bolts attaching the header to the header angles that are welded on the 4×4 tubes above the head jamb of the entrance. There is a cutout in the light gauge for easy access to the jamb bolts.
  3. Remove or add 1/8″ shims to the bottom of the runby or strike jambs to move it up or down.
  4. Tighten down the header bolts.
  5. Loosen the sill and shim it to the correct position.
  6. Retighten all bolts.
  7. Finally, replace all cut out drywall and fire-rate around the entrances.

How does this help me?

  1. Adjustable entrances eliminate the need to cut into the beams, a long, costly process that is now avoidable!
  2. Adjustable entrances eliminate the need to hire a certified welder to modify the structure.
  3. What was once a three-day fix can now be completed in one day.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about how we can make elevators easy for your project, please contact us by using the online form or calling (618) 244-2314 and asking for Sales.

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